The ORS Consulting

The ORS CONSULTORIA has a team prepared for any type of project: planning each job started is done using the unimultiplicidade experience and experience of each expert, applied scientific and technical way to give the customer a complete result.

The ORS CONSULTORIA professionals complement because they have participated in projects in several industry segments, trade and retail, telecommunications, environment, information technology, NGOs, insurance and digital commerce (e -commerce).

Experts have training in Law, Business Anthropology, Accounting and Business Administration, IT, Accounting, Tax Management, Tax Law, Tax Planning, Projects and Business Planning Management and Financial Management.

Areas of expertise

  • Process Mapping

  • Financial Education

  • Compliance

  • Operating Activities

  • Tax Review

  • Tax Planning

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São Paulo

Av. Paulista, 1765, 7º andar, cj. 72

Bela Vista, CEP 01311-200.

Phone: +55 (11) 4765-4006


Rio de Janeiro

Av. Rio Branco, 26, sobreloja, cj. 552

Centro, CEP 20090-001

Phone: +55 (21) 3090-2022, +55 (21) 3005-3065